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Puur Noord | Episode 79 | Dave Doornbos, Ans Naber and Geert Kuiper

    Puur Noord

    Episode 79: Dave Doornbos, Ans Naber and Geert Kuiper

    First aired: Thursday, 28 January 2016 at 17.00 hours

    President Dave Doornbos tells about his cold adventures for Ice4Life, director Ans Naber of de Koppel has been nominated for the Vechttrofee and Geert Kuiper discusses the ill making trees in his street.


    Ice4life start in the Icelandic area where American and European continental plates come together. The drifting apart of the plates has a gap left in the landscape. Ice4Life wants to bridge the gap between two worlds, not only literally, but also figuratively.Ice4Life was founded by the now deceased television reporter Mark Bos. Dave Doornbos tells in memory of Mark Bos about this foundation.

    Website: www.ice4life.nl
    Facebook: Ice4Life
    Twitter: @ Ice4LifeNL

    De Koppel

    De Koppel is the natural activity of the municipality of Hardenberg.See there the latest exhibition and test your knowledge with some challenging DIY jobs. The discovery of green Hardenberg begins at de Koppel. De Koppel is nominated for the Battle Vechttrofee. Annually presents Vechtdal Marketing Battle Trophy out to individuals or organizations who have rendered outstanding services to bear the name of the Vechtdal positively.Ans Naber sits at the table and talks about why they should win the trophy.

    Website: www.dekoppel.com
    Facebook: Natuuractiviteitencentrum De Koppel
    Twitter: @ DeKoppel1

    Diseased Trees

    The residents of the Grote Kamp in Oldeholtpade are not satisfied with the solution of the municipality Weststellingwerf for felling. Following complaints from residents, the municipality consent to the cap of 36 alders. The cost of the residents have for the most part pay themselves. The trees of the town and are on municipal land. Therefore, the district believes that unjustified.

    The complaints were summarized from the nuisance of 36 alders. These complaints are: pollen causes allergies, chest tightness, cough, skin diseases and polluting cars and windows of homes; burden of waste as leaves, catkins, alder branches and plugs; by storm there is fear of falling off branches on houses, road and cars and trees create shade and drought in the garden. Geert Kuiper tells at the table about this discussion.

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