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Muziek uit het Noorden | Episode 105 | Op het podium

In this episode of 'Muziek op het Podium' we get to see a few live  songs that have been recorded in our studio. Sing along, listen and enjoy:

Muziek uit het Noorden

Episode 105: Op het podium

First aired: Saturday, 30 January 2016 at 17.00 hours

In this episode of 'Muziek op het Podium' we get to see a few live songs that have been recorded in our studio. Sing along, listen and enjoy:

Kira Dekker – I Hate Me(from Groningen)
The in Rotterdam born Kira Dekker, who now lives in Groningen, is working hard to build up a carreer as a singer songwriter. Kira is a creative daydreamer who knew she wanted to be an artist from a very young age. She learned to play guitar when she was sixteen and hasn't stopped playing ever since.

Facebook: Kira
Twitter: @KiraDekker

Wiebe Kaspers – Marianne (from Friesland)
Wiebe makes Frisian popmusic. Enjoyable pop music with lyrics about carving wood. With musicians Daan Slager and Florian den Hollander they are confident about their music on stage. Their strong side is theater, but they also really enjoy festivals. Debut album 'Nei sa'n dei' came out in February 2015.

Website: http://www.wiebekaspers.nl
Facebook: Wiebe Kaspers
Twitter: @WiebeKaspers

Timo de Jong – Show the world to you (from Drenthe)
Timo de Jong is the musical child of Timo de Jong. A musician from Meppel who writes songs and plays them. Songs that are a bit about him, but apply to everyone. But also songs about car thiefs, cowboys and daugthers who have yet to be born. Thankfully there's always that silver lining.

Website: www.timodejong.bandcamp.com
Facebook: Timo de Jong

VanMike - Denk Groot (from Overijssel)
The love for music came at a young age for VanMike. Michael discovered that his passion is to entertain people and bring them together through music. Michael works as a music teacher at his old high school. In late 2013 his single 'Denk Groot' came out. The single tells Michaels story and says that something you have to take a gamble if you really want something.

Website: www.vanmike.nl
Facebook: VanMike
Twitter: @michaelmsmusic

Pieter van der Zweep – Zal de liefde winnen (from Groningen)
Pieter is completely in his element when he can express himself through music. This doesn't go unnoticed because he's been gaining every audience attention from a young age. In October 2015 his single 'Zal De Liefde Winnen' was released. The single is a front runner from the debut album that Pieter is working on now. The album is expected in spring 2016.

Website: www.pietermusic.nl
Facebook: Pieter van der Zweep
Twitter: @pietervdzweep

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