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Puur Noord | Episode 83 | Rien Prinsen, Loraine Kammeron and Bert Klaas

    Puur Noord

    Episode 83: Rien Prinsen, Loraine Kammeron and Bert Klaas

    First aired: Thursday, 4 February 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Who makes the recipe for the most delicious kroketten of Netherlands? Rien Prinsen from New Weerdinge tells at the table, FIESTA in Heerenveen and deaf school in Haren feels that boarding should stay

    On February 9 is the final. Rien Prinsen has developed 32 flavors and there are regularly new ones. Prinsen makes it a culinary tidbit and that is greatly appreciated in catering circuits. Nothing is going mechanically and everything is traditional. The breadcrumbs, made especially for me, until the stew and stuffing.

    Website: www.cafetariaprinsen.nl
    Facebook: Cafetaria Prinsen

    Dinner show FIESTA!
    A dinner show, good food and live entertainment, which did not exist in Heerenveen. But on Valentine's Day Loraine Kammeron gives the first dinner show, FIESTA, restaurant in the Koningshof in Heerenveen. To celebrate her 10th anniversary of her dance school Dance Centre Faya! she organizes various productions where Dinnershow FIESTA! is one of them. A real 'dinner as organized more frequently in the Randstad.

    Website: www.lorainekammeron.nl
    Facebook: Dinnershow FIESTA

    Deaf School
    The boarding school for the deaf Guyot Kentalis in Groningen Haren needs of the PvdA to remain open. The ruling party opposes ending the subsidy by 2017. Minister Dekker will no longer bear the cost of the boarding school, because, according to him, it is not one of the tasks of the Ministry. He wants to subsidize education only, no accommodation costs. It is a sum of one million euros per year. Bert Klaas Director of Education Noord Nederland Kentalis tells why the boarding should stay.

    Website: www.kentalis.nl

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