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Puur Noord | Episode 84 | Beeno Oldenhuis, Robert Dreier and Marc Dooijeweerd

    Puur Noord

    Episode 84: Beeno Oldenhuis, Robert Dreier and Marc Dooijeweerd

    First aired: Friday, 5 February 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Beeno Oldenhuis tells table on participation in the Barrel Challenge to raise money for KIKA, Child Centre Willem Alexander is the second best in school and this weekend is the carnival!

    Beeno Oldenhuis needs money for his sick daughter Sammy. Along with Zeilmakerij Brewers, the idea picked to participate in the barrel challenge where about 50 cars to participate. This is a race right through Europe. One of our engineers driving behalf Pommeq also note in this car. The purpose of this race is adventure, fun, and of course a little sporty excitement. But for the team it did not go far enough. They have add a theme in this race, which generate money for the foundation KIKA. Beeno Oldenhuis tells his story at the table.

    Facebook: Muntjepop

    De Kloosterwiekers
    Saturday, February 6th Ter Apel will be attract the largest carnival in Northern Netherlands through the streets of 't Klooster and De Wieke. Into three categories, one can participate in the parade, floats, running groups and group children's Run.

    Website: www.kloosterwiekers.nl
    Facebook: C.V. De Kloosterwiekers
    Twitter: @Kloosterwiekers

    Kindcentrum Willem Alexander Steenwijk
    The flag is blowing in the wind at 130 schools in the Netherlands. They may call themselves the next three years 'excellent'. 210 primary schools, special schools and secondary schools had registered to qualify for the designation.The northern provinces and Zeeland are lagging behind. In Friesland and Drenthe stand two excellent schools and Groningen only 1. Overijssel does it slightly better again with 8 schools.

    Website: www.willemalexander.accrete.nl

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