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Puur Noord | Episode 86 | Co de Kloet, Ineke Noordhoff and Ad van Liempt

    Puur Noord

    Episode 86: Co de Kloet, Ineke Noordhoff and Ad van Liempt

    First aired: Wednesday, 10 February 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode Annette Timmer talks with Co de Kloet about 'Up against it" with Tod Rundgrun, Ineke Noordhoff on fickle landscape and Ad van Liempt about exhibition' Wat hier speelde."

    Co de Kloet is music producer and presenter of music programs and documentaries at the NTR. He is the artistic producer of the project 'Up Against It' with Todd Rundgren, a collaboration between the Northern Dutch Orchestra and the NTR. Todd Rundgren wrote world hits like "Can We Still Be Friend's, and "I Saw The Light” less well known that he also composes music for film and television. February 19 in Groningen, the European premiere of 'Up Against It'. He takes himself the solo parts for his account and is then amplified by Mathilde Santing, Wouter Penris and a vocal ensemble from the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

    Website: www.nno.nu
    Facebook: Noord Nederlands Orkest
    Twitter: @hetNNOnu

    Ineke Noordhoff is a journalist, economist and historian landscape. In 2013 she graduated with honors from the University of Groningen in the thesis' Grazing in drifting dunes "on the use of the Terschelling dunes. Previously appeared include "Nature Makers, recaptured country Rottum to Grensmaas '(2011) and Landscape Biography of the Drentsche Aa' (2015), of which she is editor and co-author. As monthly guest they exposed this time how quickly the landscape changes and also has affected the magazine latitude.

    Website: www.ophetland.eu

    Ad van Liempt is a journalist, author and filmmaker. He included the television series and accompanying book 'De oorlog' in 2009. Since 2006 he is particularly investigative journalism lecturer at the Hogeschool Utrecht. For 'De Tweeling' he asked the traveling exhibition "Wat hier speelde" together. Each city where the musical is playing he collected a remarkable and true story about World War II. Young theater writers have made these stories into monologues. Until 21 February is the exhibition to see with text, photos and video at Martini Plaza in Groningen.

    Website: www.martiniplaza.nl, www.stage-entertainment.nl

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