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Puur Noord | Episode 87 | Winters Drents verlangen, Stukafest and Gekleurd Grijs.

    Puur Noord

    Episode 87: Winters Drents verlangen, Stukafest and Gekleurd Grijs.

    First aired: Thursday, 11 February 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Agnes Heijn tells about a particular culinary concert, in Groningen Stukafest takes place and 'Gekleurd Grijs' in Groningen.

    Culinary Concert
    On Friday, February 12th Brasserie de Berken organizes a culinary concert with singer Martijje. During the culinary concert which takes place from 18 am, exchanging special dishes from the region and music together. The theme of this concert is "Winters Drents Verlangen”.

    Website: www.brasseriedeberken.nl
    Facebook: Brasserie de Berken

    In many places in the Netherlands Stukafest occurs. Similarly in the city of Groningen. A jam session between textbooks and cases of beer, an intimate literary lecture under a loft bed or a comedian at the dinner table. At Stukafest are student rooms in 14 cities transformed into mini-theaters where music, dance, comedy, poetry, literature and theater are key.

    Website: www.stukafest.nl
    Facebook: Stukafest Groningen

    The action month of Gekleurd Grijs in Drenthe and Groningen started in February. An action month with many activities for seniors and their families. Cultural and arts organizations and artists from Drenthe and Groningen organize the whole month tours, performances, workshops and exhibitions. During the activities of Gekleurd Grijs seniors discover their talents, there are encounters take place and above all made a lot of fun!

    Website: www.gekleurdgrijs.nl
    Facebook: Gekleurd Grijs

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