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Puur Noord | Episode 88 | Devin de Jonge, Marko de Vries and Johan van Aalsen

    Puur Noord

    Episode 88: Devin de Jonge, Marko de Vries and Johan van Aalsen

    First aired: Friday, 12 February 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Devin de Jonge talks about his best 'cafe' of the Netherlands, Marko de Vries believes that sports can be different and the bird watchers from Heerenveen is nominated for the 'Zilveren Duim'.

    Best Café
    Everywhere in the country is somewhere a 'Shack' but there is also an election what is the best 'Shack' in the Netherlands. The Shack Cafe “de Kelder” in Musselkanaal was recently voted the best stand of the Netherlands from 2015. But how become you the best 'Shack' in the Netherlands? What are the terms? That is the central question for the Puur Noord table.

    Facebook: Cafe de Kelder

    Sport Anders
    Marko de Vries gives sports lessons to young people with disabilities who would not normally come quickly at a sports club. It is not only the sport itself, but during sports lessons also focus on social skills.

    Facebook: Sport Anders

    Zilveren Duim
    The birdwatchers from Heerenveen has been nominated for the "Zilveren Duim". This is an initiative of the Heerenveen Courant in collaboration with the volunteer service and the townmayor of Heerenveen. The award is intended to highlight the importance of volunteers. Each year, a volunteer and a volunteer organization elected to the volunteer of the year and they get the 'Zilveren Duim' in Heerenveen. This year it is the eleventh time that the “Zilveren Duim” Trophy is awarded to the volunteers of the year.

    Website: www.dezwaluwwand.nl
    Twitter: @vwheerenveen

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