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Zwart Wit (Black White) | Episode 62 | Sytze van der Zee

A new soldier of Oranje?

Zwart Wit (Black White)

Episode 62: Sytze van der Zee

First aired: Friday, 12 February 2016 at 18.32 hours

A new soldier of Oranje?

World war two doesn't seem to be able to disappear from the life of journalist Sytze van der Zee, though he was just a little boy when he experienced this period. He regularly visited his Frisian family during and after World War 2. Son of a 'wrong' dad himself, he does research to people who have played a part in the War, many 'wrong' many 'good'.

That goes for his new book about Francois van't Sant, the right- and left hand of Queen Wilhelmina in London as well. The known image of van't Sant is negative and both in the movie as in the musical about the soldier of Oranje he has a dubious role. Was van't Sant a traitor? Why did the family Oranje keep supporting on him, even after the second World War? Is van't Sant a hero, even more than the soldier of Oranje himself? Van der Zee shines a new light on the 'wrong' man. Rehabilitation by a NSB-child?

About this program:

A good conversation in Zwart Wit. Interesting, controversial and fascinating.

Jan van Friesland has a long TV career and therefore extensive experience in the world of television. His career began for him in 1981 with Koos Postema. In the past 30 years he worked among others on programs such as Klasgenoten, Jongbloed en Joosten, Sonja, Achter het Nieuws, Buitenhof, Van Dis and NOS Journaal.

All the guests of the program Zwart Wit have their own story. A story has always two sides. In Zwart Wit these different sides are going to be discussed.