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Muziek uit het Noorden | Episode 107 | Uit het Noorden

In this episode of 'Muziek uit het Noorden' another great dose of music to enjoy!

Muziek uit het Noorden

Episode 107: Uit het Noorden

First aired: Saturday, 13 February 2016 at 17.00 hours

In this episode of 'Muziek uit het Noorden' another great dose of music to enjoy!

Martijn van der Zande – Slaap je nog alleen (from Groningen)
Martijn van der Zande stands close to himself as an artist. He writes his own songs which relate to him, taken from his life. The lyrics are being song with feeling and a charisteric voice. The songs are easy to sing alogn to and are about love and loneliness, the passing of time, intimate moments and quick meetings.

Website: www.martijnvanderzande.com
Facebook: Martijn van der Zande
Youtube: Mvanderzande

MakeBelieve – Home (from Groningen)
The Dutch band MakeBelieve is back! After a radio silence of three years in which they have secretly been working on a new album. You can say every MakeBelieve song has it's own special power. They find a place in your head and try to stay there for as long as possible. It sounds big, warm and gives you hope.

Website: www.makebelieveband.com
Facebook: MakeBelieve
Twitter: @makebelieveband
Youtube: MakeBelieveOfficial
Instagram: makebelieveband

Basement – Lost myself today (from Friesland)
Basement is a band from Beetsterzwaag. After fooling around in other bands for years Kees, Marten, Flip, Richard and Anno found each other in 2013 to turns their feelings into music. Men with experience in different genres which they are now melting together into a new sound.

Facebook: Basement
Youtube: Basement

Høksons & Aly Goeree – Kom je met me dansen (from Drenthe)
The Hoksons are a five piece band from Ter Apel and surroundings, formed by lovers of the Rock 'n Roll genre who want only one thing: full gas! The men of the Hoksons have blown away a lot of places where they have played through all of the Netherlands with their Veenkoloniale Rock 'n Roll.

Website: www.hoksons.nl
Facebook: Hoksonsrocknroll
Twitter: @hoksons
Youtube: Hoksons

Ancora – Californio (from Overijssel)
June 2013 the Netherlands get to know Ancora for the first time when the single 'Vrij Als De Wind' is released. The start of a musical journey, filled with highs and added another high in may 2015 with the release of their second album called 'Voorbij de Horizon'.

Website: www.ancora.nu
Facebook: ancoranl
Twitter: @ancoranl
Youtube: AncoraNL
Instagram: @ancoranl

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