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SPORT | Episode 118 | Soccer, korfball, basketball, swimming and equestrian


    Episode 118: Soccer, korfball, basketball, swimming and equestrian

    First aired: Monday, 15 February 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of SPORT: summaries of Sneek Wit Zwart - WKE and Harkemase Boys - Excelsior '31 . Furthermore, LDODK and Blauw-Wit Amsterdam, the basketball game between Aris Leeuwarden and Amsterdam, the swim Challenger in Drachten and a portrait of horse rider Jan Dolfing.

    Soccer: Sneek Wit Zwart – WKE
    Sneek Wit Zwart – WKE is a duel between numbers 15 and 2 in the Sunday Topklasse. WKE is still ranked second, however they lost three out of four matches in the recent past. In addition, the club has financial issues to deal with. On the 24th of january, Sneek Wit Zwart won over Magreb '90, after losing seven times in a row. Unfortunately, the club lost again last week and is ranked second-to-last.

    Website: www.swzbososneek.nl, www.vv-wke.nl
    Facebook: SneekWitZwart, vvWKE
    Twitter: @SneekWitZwart, @vvWKE

    Soccer: Harkemase Boys - Excelsior '31
    The match between Harkemase Boys and Excelsior '31 is a big game in the Saturday Hoofdklasse. It's a duel between the numbers 1 and 2 from the competition. Harkemase Boys has an advantage of six points over Excelsior '31 and has played one game less. A victory will bring the Boys very close to the title.

    Website: www.harkemaseboys.nl
    Facebook: HarkemaseBoys
    Twitter: @HarkemaseBoys

    Korfball: LDODK – Blauw-Wit
    After a rough time LDODK is now doing well. The team from Gorredijk won the last two games and is in fourth place in the Korfball League. LDODK must finish in the top four to qualify for the play offs for the championship. At home against the number three, Blauw-Wit from Amsterdam, would be difficult a difficult win.

    Website: www.ldodk.nl
    Facebook: LDODK
    Twitter: @LDODK

    Basketbal: Aris Leeuwarden – Amsterdam
    Aris Leeuwarden don't won in quite a while, in the Dutch Basketball League. On January 9th, the team won at home against Weert. After that, Aris lost four games in a row. However, their opponents were in the top four of the League. Aris is fifth and wants tol qualify for the playoffs. A win over rival Amsterdam would be a step in the right direction. Earlier this season, Aris won 86-82 in Leeuwarden against the team from Amsterdam.

    Website: www.arisleeuwarden.nl
    Facebook: Aris-Leeuwarden
    Twitter: @Aris_Leeuwarden

    Zwemmen: Challenger in Drachten
    This weekend the swim Challenger in Drachten will be organised for the third time. Participants are top swimmers like Sebastiaan Verschuren, Maarten Brzoskowski, Joeri Verlinden and Marrit Steenbergen. Steenbergen, who just turned 16, is swimming a home match in Drachten.

    Website: www.dzpc.nl
    Facebook: Challenger Drachten
    Twitter: @DZPC_Drachten

    Paardensport: Portret Jan Dolfing
    Although he is 65 years old, rider Jan Dolfing is still active in the equestrian sports and even participates in national competitions. Most people retire when they pass the age of 65, but Dolfing doesn’t. In addition to his sports career, Dolfing owns an equestrian center as well.

    Website: www.paardensportcentrum.nl

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