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N Channel | Episode 25 | Carola Bos

    N Channel

    Episode 25: Carola Bos

    First aired: Tuesday, 16 February 2016 at 18.00 hours

    Carola Bos is Executive Director of the IBM Service Center in the center of Groningen. "We want to appeal to the target newly graduated from college."

    This happens among other treehouses in the office. "We offer a solid education and a creative workspace," says Bos. [Br]
    Groningen is the right spot for IBM, because it sits close to the right customers and it is a city where live a lot of talent, says Bos. "This is not a war for talent."

    IBM wants to create 350 jobs in three years. "They are now 85, but it could have been a little more but to grow quickly is not good.."

    IBM is looking for "talent" - where the company scores well on. "Finding talent is going well," says Bos. But put that talent is another challenge for customers. "We work well together with Jumbo example."

    Innovation must pull out of the slump northern Netherlands, headlined the FD. "We also see a social responsibility for IBM," says Bos. "We work with schools, municipalities and companies in the region. For example by working to provide good ICT training. "

    to the contract side is also still improving some, especially in projects of the government. "We need a good vision that leads somewhere more clearly," says Bos. "ICT companies can play an advisory role. Also in the field of usability."

    Website: http://www-05.ibm.com
    Twitter: @CarolaBosISC

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