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N Channel | Episode 26 | Patrick van der Meulen

    N Channel

    Episode 26: Patrick van der Meulen

    First aired: Tuesday, 16 February 2016 at 18.24 hours

    Patrick van der Meulen is the founder of solar company Enie.nl. N Channel TV takes the latter sustainable news with him.

    "Getting the word 'very' out of energy and you have Enie" says the 23-year-old Van der Meulen. The company guarantees the return of private solar panels. If those disappointing returns, the company pays the difference.

    The young entrepreneur likes to show what he is good at, because "there are a lot of cowboys in this area who do not know what they do." Enie.nl works including the Dutch Federation and Corendon.

    "People are increasingly concerned with sustainable energy. And participate makes yields more interesting," Van der Meulen said the growing number of initiatives.

    There are growing trends in the field of solar energy. "Panels become more integrated with for example a house, like tile, transparent film on glass or a tan."

    in the near future, our durable phones charged and we have batteries for solar power. "We also have plenty of challenges," said Van der Meulen. "Governments determine what happens, but the plans are still delayed."

    Van der Meulen therefore sees that individuals get up itself to organize things. "Get rid of all subsidies."

    Website: www.enie.nl

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