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Puur Noord | Episode 90 | Sip Hofstede, Joep van Ruiten and Marieke Klooster

    Puur Noord

    Episode 90: Sip Hofstede, Joep van Ruiten and Marieke Klooster

    First aired: Wednesday, 17 February 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode Annette Timmer talks to Sip Hofstede about his paintings of Ede Staal, Joep van Ruiten about new books and Marieke Monastery on songs by Ede Staal a new look.

    Sip Hofstede from Baflo has a background in graphic design, advertising and interior and exterior design. He is also a painter. The 'Stars on Canvas' TV program he portrayed in 2012 Joost Prinsen. Now he has been inspired by the songs of Ede Staal. The impressionist paintings are on display from February 19 t / m March 20, 2016 and on sale at the exhibition 'Ede Staal, 30 years later' in House of Arts in Veendam. There is a book with this work.

    Website: www.siphofstede.nl, www.huisvoordekunst.com

    Monthly Guest Joep van Ruiten lives in Emmen and works as a cultural journalist. He is an editor at Dagblad van het Noorden/Leeuwarder Courant in Groningen and founder of the cultural site without form and void. This time he discusses new work of two writers with northern roots: Allard Schröder (Haren 1946) and Anton Valens (Paterswolde 1964)

    Website: www.woestenledig.nl, www.antonvalens.nl www.allardschroder.nl

    Monastery Marieke Klooster is comedian, singer and voice teacher, singing and theater. She studied vocal music at the Conservatory in Groningen. making since its inception in 1998, she is part of the cabaret formation Woman Holland, which this theater season the show 'überkip' plays. But she also collaborates with bassist Philip Baumgarten, pianist Leonieke Vermeer and drummer Matthias van Olst. They have songs Ede Staal given a new jazzy jacket. With this repertoire pull Marieke and Philip Baumgarten Trio along the stages in the North. And there is also a CD out, "Man what a Boudel 'with seven of those pimped Steel classics

    Website: www.denieuwejasvanede.nl

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