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Puur Noord | Episode 92 | Peter Smedinga, Tolls and Willem Groeneveld

    Puur Noord

    Episode 92: Peter Smedinga, Tolls and Willem Groeneveld

    First aired: Friday, 19 February 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In Puur Noord we talk to Peter Smedinga about the Popkoor Festival in Steenwijk, Willem Groeneveld, journalist, tells about the Jungle in Duinkerken and music of Tolls.

    Pop Choir Festival
    Peter Smedinga made it happen fot his choir “afslag Nijeveen” to accompany Karin Bloemen during the opening concert of the renovated theater de Meenthe in Steenwijk. After this concert Director Han Evers offered Peter the opportunity to organize "something" with choirs in the theater. The first Popkoor festival was so well received that there is now a fourth edition of the festival. Divided between the afternoon and evening many choirs are coming to this festival. The Popkoor festival is now already not indispensable.

    Website: www.popkoorfestival.nl
    Facebook: Popkoor Festival
    Twitter: @PopkoorFestival

    Daan van Beijeren began at the age of 14 with drum lessons. Music is a passion, and this ensures that Daan quickly picked up the guitar and later also the piano. At one point, Daan started writing songs. The writing was always fun and interesting, and together with a good friend they invested in a home studio to produce the written numbers. Inspired by artists such as Damien Rice, Ben Howard and Fink, Daan writes accessible, but not for the the regular pop music in the indie / folk genre.

    Facebook: Tolls

    The Jungle
    Willem Groeneveld is a journalist and writes often socially critical pieces. Recently, he was struck by the suffering of the refugees wich were stranded in Duinkerken. Last weekend he was with some relief goods to this Jungle of Duinkerken, or what he says for himself. In Puur Noord he talks about his impressive story.

    Facebook: Willem Groeneveld

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