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SoundCHECK! | Episode 15 | Alice Springs


    Episode 15: Alice Springs

    First aired: Friday, 19 February 2016 at 18.00 hours

    In SoundCHECK we celebrate carnival with the Irish Folk Band Alice Springs.

    Alice Springs On Whiskey Tour, a festival act that is originated in smoky pubs in the north of the country. They were all on stage with popular artists such as Guus Meeuwis, Miss Montreal, Kensington and DI-RECT! Jumping crowds and a pure sound; Acoustic guitar, banjo, violin, bass, accordion and drums. Alice Springs wants to bring back the Irish pure sound at the festivals with the purpose of letting everyone go out and have fun. During the carnival weekend Alice Springs was on stage in Emmeloord, a party for everyone. Podium.TV was present to walk with them in the polonaise.

    Website: www.alicespringsmusic.com
    Facebook: Alice Springs
    Twitter: @_AliceSprings
    Youtube: Alice Springs
    Instagram: Alice Springs Music

    About this program:

    SoundCHECK! is een muziekprogramma op Podium.TV waarin een bezoekje wordt gebracht aan de meest uiteenlopende muzikanten uit Noord-Nederland.

    Tip de redactie wanneer jij een leuke band uit Noord Nederland kent waar je meer van zou willen weten!