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SPORT | Episode 119 | Soccer, korfball, volleyball, handball and track cycling


    Episode 119: Soccer, korfball, volleyball, handball and track cycling

    First aired: Monday, 22 February 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of SPORT two summaries from the Saturday Topklasse. HHC Hardenberg will play against Excelsior Maassluis and ONS Sneek will play against Spakenburg. Furthermore, the korfball game LDODK - Fortuna, the handball match between Hurry Up and Volendam and an interview with track cyclist Wim Stroetinga.

    Soccer: ONS Sneek – Spakenburg
    ONS Sneek is experiencing a difficult season. The team of coach Richard Karrenbelt is on the fifteenth place in the league. ONS is fighting against relegation. At home against Spakenburg ONS would like to win this important game. Spakenburg started well this season. The team was at the top for a while, but has dropped to the fourth place.

    Website: www.onsbososneek.nl
    Facebook: ONSbosoSneek1
    Twitter: @ONSSneek

    Soccer: HHC Hardenberg - Excelsior Maassluis
    HHC Hardenberg is doing well this season. The team of coach Marcel Groninger is now on the third place in the league. The difference between them and frontrunner Katwijk is only three points. If HHC Hardenberg wants to keep up with the frontrunner, they will have to win this match at home against Excelsior Maassluis, who is the number five in the ranking.

    Website: www.hhc-hardenberg.nl
    Facebook: HHCHardenbergofficial
    Twitter: @HHCHardenberg

    Korfball: LDODK – Fortuna
    LDODK is in a winning mood. The team from Gorredijk has won four games in a row and is in fourth place in the Korfball League. The team of coach Erik Wolsink must finish in the top four to qualify for the play offs for the championship. At home against Fortuna it's their job to hold on to the winning points, just like they did during last week's match against Blauw-Wit.

    Website: www.ldodk.nl
    Facebook: LDODK
    Twitter: @LDODK

    Handball: Hurry Up – Volendam
    Hurry Up from Zwartemeer will play its first home game in the championship pool against Volendam. Ten days ago, the team of coach Joop Fiege lost against Lions. Hurry Up must finish in the top six to qualify for the BENE-League before next season.

    Website: www.hurry-up.nl
    Facebook: hvHurryUp
    Twitter: @hvHurryUp

    Women's soccer: sc Heerenveen - PEC Zwolle
    The soccer players of SC Heerenveen are having a tough season. The team of coach Fred de Boer is in the sixth rank in the Eredivisie, which makes them second to last. In addition, Heerenveen has to look for a new coach. Against PEC Zwolle, who are bringing up the rear, Heerenveen hopes to polish their game.

    Website: www.vrouwenscheerenveen.nl
    Facebook: sc Heerenveen vrouwen
    Twitter: @vrouwen_sch

    Track cycling: an interview with Wim Stroetinga
    In over a week, the Track Cycling World Championships will start in London. This will be cyclist Wim Stroetinga's last chance to qualify for the Olympics. Stroetinga wants to participate in the Team Pursuit, together with Dion Beukeboom, Roy Eefting, Jan-Willem van het Schip and Joost van der Burg.

    Facebook: Wim Stroetinga
    Twitter: @StroetingaWim

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