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N Channel | Episode 27 | Geert Wijma

    N Channel

    Episode 27: Geert Wijma

    First aired: Tuesday, 23 February 2016 at 18.00 hours

    N Channel takes the latest news by Geert Wijma, the owner of the Frisian Shipyard Heeg.

    Wijma sailing from a young age and managed to kick it even competitive yachtsman "national top level," he says. However, many sailing and running a shipyard do not go very well together, the entrepreneur did after taking over the company in 2010. "Heeg is a leading company and should remain so for sixty years. We are one of the first stepped into polyester sailboats and have a lot to customers to sell. "

    That used to be different, when people came out herself to the business. "The crisis hit hard smashed into the boat world. To survive as a company in the water sports you need incredibly hard to do your best." Wijma is why regular guest at HISWA boat show. "An event where we always are, but there are more important boat events, especially abroad." Heeg now delivers even most of the boats in the Netherlands, but countries such as Germany beckon increasingly. "We make sure that we stand at fairs and are easily found on the Internet."

    Heeg innovates its boats additionally. "The industry does not stand still. But boats go very long time. That's a bit of a problem. Boats sail still fifty years old." The boats are now comfortable. Because, you know Wijma, "your wife should also like to sail. That means a good bathroom and a nice bed."

    A sailboat Heeg you have from 60,000 euros. "The big competitors build 200 boats a year, but we are about fifteen. Therefore, I must ensure that I build anything more beautiful." All boats that made Heeg, cruising according to the owner still. "They're going to find out. 'Owning a boat is however less in the future, Wijma know. "We offer owners of boats are also a rental service. Thus, young people can also use a sailboat, without buying it."

    Website: www.jachtwerf-heeg.nl
    Facebook: Jachtwerf Heeg

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