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Puur Noord | Episode 94 | Hennie Broers, Geert Pruiksma and Peter Velthuis

    Puur Noord

    Episode 94: Hennie Broers, Geert Pruiksma and Peter Velthuis

    First aired: Wednesday, 24 February 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode Annette Timmer will talk with Hennie Broers about the exposition ‘Verhalen in zilver’, Geert Pruiksma about jewelry from Ethiopia and with Peter Velthuis about the 11th edition of ‘Tocht om de Noord’.

    Hennie Broers
    Hennie Broers is a designer of precious metal. She has a studio Nyello in Leeuwarden. She creates / designs jewelry, birth spoons and objects in precious metals. In 2010 she won the Entrepreneurial Culture Prize of the North. For an assignment as part of her master 'silversmith she asked thirty artists to create a work of art in miniature in a silver frame made by her in Friesland. The result can be seen t / m March 6th at the exhibition 'Keatling, ferhalen yn sulver' in the Museum Hannemahuis in Harlingen. On Wednesday March 2nd , there is a meet and greet, where she introduced the exhibits. For the exhibition a photo book is been published.

    Website: www.nyello.nl, www.hannemahuis.nl

    Monthly guest Geert Pruiksma
    Art-/architecture historian Geert Pruiksma is the monthly guest of Puur Noord. He has been the director of Museum Nienoord in Leek since January 1. He is coordinator of the departments of sculpture and graphics of the Classical Academy of Groningen. This time he talks about decorations of an authentic tribe in Ethiopia. Ladies wear since the time of the slave trade clay discs in the lower lip and ear in the Omo Valley. Not as a decoration, but to prevent them from being kidnapped by Europeans.

    Peter Velthuis
    Peter Velthuis is director of Tocht om de Noord. The cultural discovery is going to be held in September 24th and 25th and goes from Noordlaren to Zoutkamp. Velthuis was also the initiator of this walking festival in 2006. He received the Innoveer 2008, an annual rate of Hanzeschool and a special medal of the province of Groningen in 2015. The 10th edition attracted five thousand walkers, there were nearly ten thousand entries. For Tocht om de Noord the registration starts at a Tuesday morning, March 1 at 0.00 pm.

    Website: www.tochtomdenoord.nl

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