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Puur Noord | Episode 95 | Jolanda de Jong, Marco Agema and Marica van der Meer

    Puur Noord

    Episode 95: Jolanda de Jong, Marco Agema and Marica van der Meer

    First aired: Thursday, 25 February 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Today in Puur Noord: we say goodbye in a very special way, the organic snackweek and travelling to Australia to visit a friend by bike.

    Wens ambulance
    Foundation Ambiance Noord-Nederland (SANN) wants to provide seriously ill people with a limited life expectancy the ability to incorporate their own way to say goodbye. They want people from the Northern Netherlands by means ambulance attendant to help let a last wish come true, and so add a final impressive experience to life.

    Website: www.wensambulancenn.nl

    Organic Snackweek from 22nd till 28th February 2016
    Over a year ago Marco Agema of Piet Friet and Jan Willems Alida's Smulpaleis organized The Organic Snack Week. Some colleagues participated immediately. The two founders could look back together with their colleagues on a successful promotional week. Since then the 1st national edition of the Organic Snack Week is up and running. The campaign week runs from 22 till 28th February 2016. Marco and John will focus on qualitative participation; entrepreneurs who are working on future-proof their business and exactly for that reason want to participate actively.

    Website: www.cafetariafrietvanpiet.nl
    Facebook: Friet van Piet
    Twitter: @FrietvanPietGR

    Weg van de Wereld
    A woman, her bike and 28,000 kilometer adventure from the Netherlands to Australia. In Weg van de Wereld she takes the reader back of her bike along from the Netherlands to Australia. Several friends bikes pieces with her. Especially in a country like Iran, it seems sensible to have a man at her side, but the welcoming Iranians show many prejudices like snow melting sun. Turkmenistan contrast, she gets together with her friend Norbert bike the fright of her life. After 1,700 kilometers straight on the same road in the wilderness and five weeks without being able to make yourself understood, she finds herself pretty disappointing. Her final destination is the birthday of her friend Maria in Adelaide.

    Website: www.maricavandermeer.nl
    Facebook: Marica van der Meer

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