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Puur Noord | Episode 96 | Nienke Zijlstra, Ron Postma and Carleen Baarda

    Puur Noord

    Episode 96: Nienke Zijlstra, Ron Postma and Carleen Baarda

    First aired: Friday, 26 February 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Seeking happiness in Leeuwarden, music of Graham Lowlanders and during the spring vacation you can visit the best work place of Groningen in De Jonge Onderzoekers.

    Happiness Route Leeuwarden
    Happiness Road is a casual exchange of luck that creates inspiring encounters and beautiful discoveries. The invitation is simple: Where is you happy and want to share it?
    The first edition of Happiness Route Leeuwarden will take place on 12 and March 13, 2016.
    This invitation is for everyone, so whether you're into yoga or blowing bubbles of silence or just moving around, good cooking or just taste new dishes, everything is possible.
    Because happiness is always about more happiness. There are new compounds that Leeuwarden makes more beautiful!

    Facebook: Geluksroute Leeuwarden

    Graham Lowlanders
    Graham Lowlanders Pipes and Drums from Leeuwarde is the oldest bagpipe band from the north and they will be celebrating their 45th anniversary in 2017. Graham Lowlanders Pipes and Drums are growing with new members, but from Scotland are reports that people want to give less funding to promote the bagpipes at schools and young people in Scotland. Is Scotland still the cradle of this music? And what is the strength of this band to exist for 45 years.

    Website: www.grahamlowlanders.com

    De Jonge Onderzoekers
    “De Jonge Onderzoekers” is the best workshop for science and technology for young people in Groningen. They think it's important for children to develop their talent in science and technology, because: engineering and science is fun!
    They encourage creativity, working with tools that participants have at home and not with unknown materials. The activities are fully supervised by trained volunteers.

    Website: www.djog.nl
    Facebook: De Jonge Onderzoekers
    Twitter: @DJOGroningen

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