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SPORT | Episode 120 | Soccer, korfball, gymnastics, monthly overview


    Episode 120: Soccer, korfball, gymnastics, monthly overview

    First aired: Monday, 29 February 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of SPORT summaries of Staphorst - Harkemase Boys, WKE-VVSB and Achilles 1894-Alcides. Furthermore, the korfball game DOS ‘46 - LDODK and the Sidijk Gymnastics Tournament.

    Harkemase Boys is the proud frontrunner in the Saturday Hoofdklasse. The team is nine points ahead of the number two, Excelsior '31. Opponent VV Staphorst is doing quite well this season, however they missed their shot at the periodic title due to their loss to VVOG last week. They are now at the third rank in the Saturday Hoofdklasse.

    Website: www.harkemaseboys.nl,, www.vvstaphorst.nl
    Facebook: HarkemaseBoys VV Staphorst
    Twitter: @HarkemaseBoys @vvstaphorst

    Soccer: WKE - VVSB
    WKE from Emmen is experiencing difficult times. The team lost the last few matches and the club has serious financial problems. WKE was declared bankrupt, but the club appealed and may continue playing for now. This week opponent VVSB from Noordwijkerhout will play in the semi-finals of the KNVB Cup Tournament against FC Utrecht.

    Website: www.vv-wke.nl
    Facebook: vvWKE
    Twitter: @vvWKE

    Soccer: Achilles 1894 - Alcides
    Achilles 1894 from Assen and Alcides from Meppel are dangling at the bottom of the Sunday Hoofdklasse. Both teams only have 10 points and are on 12th and 13th place in the league. Who will win this battle against relegation?

    Website: www.achilles1894.nl www.alcides.nl
    Facebook: Achilles 1894 Alcides
    Twitter: @Achilles1894 @AlcidesMvv

    Korfball: DOS ‘46 - LDODK
    For the second time this season, the Northern korfball derby between DOS'46 from Nijeveen and LDODK from Gorredijk is on the agenda. Two weeks ago LDODK won against Blauw-Wit, however they lost from Dalto and Fortuna the weeks after. DOS '46 is doing well in the Korfball League, although the team lost against DVO last Tuesday. During the previous meeting between DOS'46 and LDODK, DOS '46 was surprisingly the strongest team.

    Website: DOS’46 LDODK
    Facebook: DOS ‘46 LDODK
    Twitter: @LDODK @DOS46

    Gymnastics: Sidijk Gymnastics Tournament
    The Sidijk Gymnastics Tournament is held for the 20th time in Sportstad Heerenveen. This tournament is one of the biggest gymnastics tournaments in the Netherlands. A lot of Dutch top gymnasts come to Heerenveen to participate in this tournament. Among others, Celine van Gerner and Lisa Top are on the list of contestants.

    Website: www.turntoernooisidijk.nl
    Facebook: Sidijk toernooi

    Martial Arts: North vs. The Rest
    In Assen the martial arts gala North vs. The Rest will be held. Various branches of this sport will be represented, such as boxing, kickboxing or MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Danial Sharifi and Paulo Boer from Groningen will fight the main match of the evening.

    Website: www.northvstherest
    Facebook: North vs The Rest

    Monthly overview: February
    It's the end of the month already, which means we look back on what happened in the world of sports.

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