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Puur Noord | Episode 97 | Rick van Geloven, Corrie Ponne and Tobias Strating.

    Puur Noord

    Episode 97: Rick van Geloven, Corrie Ponne and Tobias Strating.

    First aired: Tuesday, 1 March 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In Puur Noord Menno Bakker gets a visit from: Rick Beliefs of Belieff, Corrie Ponne of Inqubator Leeuwarden and Tobias Strating of Symbioshape.

    In Puur Noord Menno Bakker will talk to Rick van Geloven of Belieff. Belieff strives to keep everyone warm in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. They provide to sports clubs, such as Cambuur they have provided them with blankets. Belieff claims to keep people warm in a sustainable way. What is sustainable to the product? Rick will tell extensively about it in Puur Noord.

    Website: www.belieff.nl
    Facebook: Belieff
    Twitter: @Belieff2014
    Instagram: be.lieff

    Inqubator Leeuwarden
    Also at the table: Corrie Ponne of Inqubator Leeuwarden. Responsible for the supervision of start ups. Corrie will talk among other things about the Meet the Start Up event at the Kanselarij in Leeuwarden. How is it that startups get so much attention these days? And what was the most surprising thing during the event?

    Website: www.inqubator.nl
    Facebook: Inqubator Leeuwarden
    Twitter: @Inqubatorlwd

    And also table guest Tobias Strating of Symbioshape will tell us more. Expert in the field of 3D printing. What is that exactly? And what about the revenue model? You'll hear it in Puur Noord.

    Website: www.symbioshape.nl

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