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Qwestie van tijd | Episode 9 | Farmers against the bishop

    Qwestie van tijd

    Episode 9: Farmers against the bishop

    First aired: Tuesday, 1 March 2016 at 17.32 hours

    Lovers from crossword puzzles will know the Overijssels village Ane. But does this village owe it's fame to something other than that?

    Ane, july 1227: In the middle of a straight, swampy area two armies meet: the army of the Lord of Coevorden against the army of the Bishop of Utrecht. The farmer army has everything against them: not only are they outnumbered, their weapons and organisation isn't strong enough to take on the organised army of the Bishop. But surprisingly it's not the Lord of Coevorden but the Bishop of Utrecht that finds his death on the battlefield. How that happened and what were the consequences of the Slag bij Ane is told by historici Paul Rademaker and Huib Minderhoud. And we visit the museum in Gramsbergen.

    Websites: www.museumgramsbergen.nl

    About this program:

    How did Bonifatius die and why does the Semslinie make a sudden weird kink? In Qwestie van Tijd we investigate major and minor mysteries of regional history.

    In the search for answers our host Leonie Sinnema speaks with historians and other experts. And how well do people know the history of their hometown? Is it possible to unravel the the mysteries of history?