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N Channel | Episode 29 | Edwin Kuipers

    N Channel

    Episode 29: Edwin Kuipers

    First aired: Tuesday, 1 March 2016 at 18.00 hours

    Edwin Kuipers is medeoprichter van Crowdynews. “Wij zorgen ervoor dat al die honderdduizenden social mediaberichten die dagelijks worden gepubliceerd, gefilterd kunnen worden om bijvoorbeeld veilig in de krant te plaatsen.”

    Newspapers pay for the service and can also place an ad using Crowdynews which revenues are shared. "We currently have an order of 500 million ads," says Kuipers.

    In January invested two sides 2.5 million in the company. "In order to grow," says Kuipers. "We want to grow worldwide, which is a costly operation." That Crowdynews must remain the best, with new innovation. "We want to expand, but also continue to perform as well as possible for existing customers," says Kuipers. There are jobs thanks to the company. "Most in the northern Netherlands, but not all." Crowdynews has 1 billion page views per month and is active in include the USA and Brazil.

    The investment round Kuipers has brought a lot of knowledge. "It is not the least the parties, but they want to know everything in detail before they invest." They 'through it' came to say according to the entrepreneur about the quality. pick "This is not just an idea, but and now with ambition and a track record." The company can any social media website through the mill. "Even those of China," says Kuipers.

    Website: www.crowdynews.com
    Twitter: @vangroningen

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