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Puur Noord | Episode 98 | Francien van Westering, Gitte Brugman and Jos Spijkers

    Puur Noord

    Episode 98: Francien van Westering, Gitte Brugman and Jos Spijkers

    First aired: Wednesday, 2 March 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode Annette Timmer talks with Francine van Westering of the exhibition "Miauw, 25 jaar Franciens Katten", with Gitte about a visual research into autism and Jos Spijkers about the theater play 'Koloniekak.

    Francien van Westering knew from the time she could hold a pencil that she wanted to be a cartoonist. She became famous with her column "Franciens cats” for the women's magazine 'Margriet'. Almost 14 years she wrote and signed every week about the adventures of her cats. There are diaries, calendars, mugs and other products with its illustrations and some stamp series appeared with her cat drawings by Postnl in 2015. She not only knows her crayon technique to bring about the appearance, but also the character of cats. Till April is in the Anton Pieck museum in Hattem, the retrospective 'Miauw' in honor of her 25th anniversary.

    Website: www.francienvanwestering.nl. www.antonpieckmuseum.nl

    Photographer Gitte Brugman is one of the four monthly gueatst. She graduated from the Photo Academy in Amsterdam in 2008. She engages in documentary photography and is also a reporter for the Leeuwarder Courant. This time she discusses pictures of Baukje Venema from Paterswolde made from her autistic daughter Tinke. Her work is shown until 5th of March during the interlude 'Visitekaartjes' at the Galerie Paterswolde in Paterswolde.

    Website: www.gittebrugman.nl, www.baukjevenema.com, www.galeriepaterswolde.nl

    Jos Spijkers is directing the play "Koloniekak ', an adaptation of the book by Mariët Master. She paints a pretty picture of the twentieth century in Veenhuizen, based on stories by (former) residents. Even the writer grew up in the village of justice. "Koloniekak" is played on a monumental playground: 'Coco Maria, the former steam farm in Veenhuizen. The premiere on March 5 is sold out, but there are more to come. Previously Jos Spijkers made 'Uitschot' about the reeducation of 'misfits' in Veenhuizen.

    Website: www.koloniekak.nl

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