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Puur Noord | Episode 99 | Arie Bruinsma, Andy Makking and Andrea Hooymans

    Puur Noord

    Episode 99: Arie Bruinsma, Andy Makking and Andrea Hooymans

    First aired: Thursday, 3 March 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Arie Bruinsma is at the table to talk about his project “Overlevers”, Andy Makking talks about the dog show at Martini Plaza and Andrea Hooymans shows us what Theatertapas is.

    Photographer Arie Bruinsma
    Overlevers is a project of photographer Arie Bruinsma, in which people are portrayed in words and pictures, which have experienced a violent event in their lives. The report consists of a photo and a story of the person wich complement each other. The series is weekly updated and will show how resilient people are. That violent events can happen to any of us and is beyond our control or desire.

    Website: www.overlevers.com
    Facebook: Overlevers

    For the 56th time the Martinidogshow is is being organized by the Noorder Kynologen Club in Groningen. At the dog show, no less than 2400 dogs are expected over two days. The dogs are being judged and go home with a nice prize. There is not only the inspection, but the owners can relax as well. The owners can go on a bargain hunt to buy anything for their favorite pet. The Martinidogshow takes place at Martini Plaza this weekend. Andy Makking, president of the Noorder Kynologen Club, tells us more in Puur Noord.

    Website: www.martinidogshow.nl
    Facebook: Martinidogshow Groningen
    Twitter: @MartiniDogShow

    Theatertapas has a clear mission for the foundation to provide for creators by giving them a stage, promotion and audience for new productions. The timing of the festival in the winter season is perfect between the festivals in the summer and the upcoming theater season. Theatertapas is a location festival. This means that the creators and locations entering an interactive collaboration. Each creative will have the opportunity to make a presentation for 20 minutes and can show this to the public. This shows that Theatertapas not only is theater on its own but also to taste a little bit of the local culture.

    Website: www.theatertapas.nl
    Facebook: Theatertapas
    Twitter: @Theatertapas

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