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Puur Noord | Episode 100 | Ina Schrik, Danielle Vergonet and Tjarda Holtkamp

    Puur Noord

    Episode 100: Ina Schrik, Danielle Vergonet and Tjarda Holtkamp

    First aired: Friday, 4 March 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Only women at the table in Puur Noord. The 100th episode of Puur Noord is dedicated to the International Women's Day and also there is music of singer-songwriter Nicole Wairata.

    Roller skate
    Late 50s of the last century the art roller skates is launched in Winschoten. From the beginning the show was a popular ride. Within a few years performances were given throughout the Netherlands. Entire weekends were devoted to the shows and demonstrations. Thirty shows a year was not uncommon. Rolschaatsclub WKC holds a Saturday afternoon Rollerblade Party at the local sports center of Winschoten. The party is meant for children, but parents can also watch. There is even a workshop and a brief demonstration.

    Website: www.rollershow.nl
    Twitter: @WKCsk8rz

    Raw Food
    Three years ago Danielle Vergonet came into contact with raw chocolate in the village of Glastonbury in England. It was a wonderful discovery. Chocolate that is very healthy for you, where you can get a happy feeling from and you can eat as much as you want. Danielle started eating the chocolate and it had many positive effects on her, she was happier, inspired and energetic, it just felt great. For a long time, she is involved in health, where she is mainly looking for food that gives a lot of energy, physically and spiritually and that is also very tasty. So she uses raw ingredients to make the most delicious dishes.

    Website: www.dhanachocolade.com
    Facebook: Dhana Chocolade

    Who run the world
    The philosophy of "World of Women" is that the initiatives to anything organize the women come himself. It is a network of and for all active indigenous and migrant women of all ages and environment in which knowledge, skills and sociability are exchanged from Meppel. Keywords are: equality, respect and fun. Under the theme "meeting" they organize together diverse multicultural activities such as eat & meet, movie nights and parties. But also thematic meetings in the fields of theater, music, education, employment and personal development.

    Website: www.wereldvanvrouwen.nl
    Facebook: Wereld van Vrouwen

    Nicole Wairata
    Nicole Wairata is 15 years old and is born in Assen. She is this year's winner of Kunstbende Drenthe in the category Music. Since the age of six, she has been singing and having piano lessons. Nicole not only sings but also dances a lot. She hopes after her exam that she will be accepted on the Noorderpoort to be involved in music, art and media.

    Facebook: nicolewairatamusic

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