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Samen in Beeld (Together in Picture) | Episode 25 | A collection of old mopeds

    Samen in Beeld (Together in Picture)

    Episode 25: A collection of old mopeds

    First aired: Friday, 4 March 2016 at 17.32 hours

    After he acquired one old bicycle with auxiliary engine, for collector mr. Poort from Zuidhorn the fences were down.

    In 1980 mr. Poort started collecting old mopeds. His first acquisition of a tandem with auxiliary engine was followed by over a 100 other two-wheeled relics. Even that much desired one could finally be located. Mr. Poort likes tinkering but just watching his collection he enjoys just as well.

    Old objects. Some people value them for sentimental reasons. Others for the money they represent. But everyone who owns an antique object has a story to it. In this ‘Op Beun’ episode of ‘Samen in Beeld’ we meet them all during a PCOB valuation day. Expert Erik Boerma is there to give chapter and verse.

    About this program:

    Older people out of their loneliness. The world of marketing outside to the inside. But the world from the inside out, from the elderly to share their knowledge and history with us. Strenghten each other. That's where together in Beeld stands for.

    Together in Focus is a weekly program for the elderly that we, thanks to a small-scale approach, namely to create an accessible atmosphere. Meet, look back but also look ahead, shapes our approach to ease loneliness among our target group. Elderly people in contact with each other, arouse their interest in what is happening in the outside world, their opportunities to develop skills to discover, bring moments of joy and satisfaction, we are working on.

    The team

    Compact, challenging and topical are the broadcasts we do weekly. Professionals, interns and volunteers form our team. Together we do research, planning, camera and sound technology, design and assembly. What binds us together in all our diversity, inspiration and enthusiasm. And the desire to make inspiring programs for our viewers