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Muziek uit het Noorden | Episode 110 | Music from the North

In this episode of “Muziek uit het Noorden” Podium.TV has a great dose of music for you. Listen and sing along to:

Muziek uit het Noorden

Episode 110: Music from the North

First aired: Saturday, 5 March 2016 at 17.00 hours

In this episode of “Muziek uit het Noorden” Podium.TV has a great dose of music for you. Listen and sing along to:

MakeBelieve – Bittersweet (from Groningen)
The Dutch band MakeBelieve is back! After a radio silence from three years where they have been working on a new album in secret. You can say that every MakeBelieve song has it's own special power. They find a place in your head and try to stay there for as long as possible. It sounds huge, warm and gives you hope.

Website: www.makebelieveband.com
Facebook: MakeBelieve
Twitter: @makebelieveband
Youtube: MakeBelieveOfficial

Animal Antics – Handful (from Groningen)
Tim Peters knew how to arm his old classmates with his passion and musical arsenal with the Brighton sound. Beast like antics have been translated in a good dose of beats and grooves. Melancholy shakes hands with the dancable clockwork about an Australian resonance box. It sounds like James Brown is dancing with Luke Pritchard to a Katy Perry song.

Website: www.animalantics.nl
Facebook: Animal Antics
Twitter: @Animal_Antics
Youtube: AnimalAnticsMusic

ROO – Lakota (from Overijssel)
In the summer of 2006 the brother Alfred and Jaap ROO have their first practice session. Quickly the combination of two acoustic guitars and two voices seems to sound really well. In 2015 ROO plays the support act of Douwe Bob and the band is working on their second studio album which is expected to release in 2016.

Website: www.roomusic.nl
Facebook: ROO
Youtube: ROO Music

Jack Bottleneck & Johan Keus – Should Have Known Better (from Friesland)
Raw, authentic and musical. Jack Bottleneck gives these words his own meaning with his mix of Country, Blues and Americana. Jack Bottleneck puts you on a squeeking chair on a Texan yard during his concerts and let's you ride along in his coach through the deserts and makes you want to drink whiskey and beer.

Website: www.jackbottleneck.weebly.com
Facebook: Jack Bottleneck
Twitter: @JackBottleneck
Youtube: Jack Bottleneck

FENN – Anger (from Groningen)
Fenneke Schouten dares to balance on the thin line between pop and experimental music. With Frank de Boer she makes the duo FENN. With an influence like Fleetwood Mac the tradition can be heard in their music. This in combination with hiphop and triphop beats makes FENN their music exciting.

Website: www.fennmusic.com
Facebook: FENN
Twitter: @fennmusic
Youtube: FennMusicOfficial

About this program:

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