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SPORT | Episode 121 | Soccer, korfball, basketball and shorttrack


    Episode 121: Soccer, korfball, basketball and shorttrack

    First aired: Monday, 7 March 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of SPORT summaries of Sneek Wit Zwart - Koninklijke HFC and Harkemase Boys - VVOG. Also korfball: LDODK - TOP and basketball: Aris Leeuwarden - Zwolle. Finally, a portrait of the Northern shorttrackers, who are participating in the World Championship.

    Soccer: Sneek Wit Zwart - Koninklijke HFC
    In Sunday's Topklasse, Sneek Wit Zwart is performing well the last couple of weeks. The team of Berry Zandink took eight points in last five matches. Sneek is fourteenth in the ranking, but is not out of the dangerzone. At home against the Koninklijke HFC, it will be difficult to hold on to those winning points, since HFC is the leader in the league.

    Website: www.swzbososneek.nl
    Facebook: SneekWitZwart
    Twitter: @SneekWitZwart

    Soccer: Harkemase Boys – VVOG
    In Saturday's Hoofdklasse Harkemase Boys is on their way to become the champions. The team of coach Jan Vlap is ten points ahead of the numbers two in the ranking: Excelsior '31 and VV Staphorst. At home against VVOG it will be a tough match. The team from Harderwijk is fifth in the league and in good shape.

    Website: www.harkemaseboys.nl
    Facebook: HarkemaseBoys
    Twitter: @HarkemaseBoys

    Triathlon: Wintertriathlon Groningen
    On Saturday, the 13th edition of the annual Wintertriathlon was held in Groningen. The competition is part of the winter circuit of the Triathlon Federation and this year competitors could win the official National Championship. The contestants had to run 10 kilometers, cycle 50 kilometers and skate 20 kilometers on ice.

    Website: www.wintertriathlongroningen.nl
    Facebook: Wintertriathlon Groningen

    Korfball: LDODK – TOP
    Last week LDODK won because of a last-minute goal in the derby against DOS '46 from Nijeveen. Due to this victory, the team of Erik Wolsink is still in the running for the play-offs. LDODK is fifth in the league and is two points behind rival Koog Zaandijk. At home against TOP from Sassenheim, LDODK has to win the match to keep on fighting for the play-offs.

    Website: LDODK
    Facebook: LDODK
    Twitter: @LDODK

    Basketball: Aris Leeuwarden – Zwolle
    Aris Leeuwarden is competing with Amsterdam and Rotterdam for the last two tickets to the play-offs. Last Tuesday, Aris won of Weert and is sixth in the Dutch Basketball League. However, competitors Amsterdam and Rotterdam are close. Aris Leeuwarden will play against Zwolle and will have to win this match.

    Website: www.arisleeuwarden.nl
    Facebook: Aris-Leeuwarden
    Twitter: @Aris_Leeuwarden

    Short track: Preview WK short track
    Next weekend in Seoul the World Cup short track will be held. Jorien ter Mors and the two Frysian skaters Sjinkie Knegt and Daan Breeuwsma aren't able to participate. Breeuwsma had surgery on his knee, while Knegt broke his ribs during a World Cup race in Dordrecht. Therefore, a young group of less experienced skaters will travel to Seoul, with many Frysian riders among them.

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