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Qwestie van tijd | Episode 10 | Murder or manslaughter?

    Qwestie van tijd

    Episode 10: Murder or manslaughter?

    First aired: Tuesday, 8 March 2016 at 17.32 hours

    In 574 Bonifatius was murdered near Dokkum. It is an established fact of history, for many of us part of the history lessons at school.

    But what was it that brought stubborn old Bonifatius to Dokkum? What kind of man was he? And how did he actually die? To unravel those mysteries we travel to Dokkum, where history professor Dick van der Galiën and Lammert de Hoop from the Chapel of Bonifatius reveal possible motives and the circumstances of the death of a remarkable man.

    Website: www.bonifatiuskapel.nl
    Facebook: Bonifatiuskapel

    About this program:

    How did Bonifatius die and why does the Semslinie make a sudden weird kink? In Qwestie van Tijd we investigate major and minor mysteries of regional history.

    In the search for answers our host Leonie Sinnema speaks with historians and other experts. And how well do people know the history of their hometown? Is it possible to unravel the the mysteries of history?