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N Channel | Episode 31 | Yvonne van Mastrigt

    N Channel

    Episode 31: Yvonne van Mastrigt

    First aired: Tuesday, 8 March 2016 at 18.00 hours

    Yvonne Mastrigt (PvdA) is a member of the Provincial Executive of the province of Groningen, the province's executive committee.

    They exchanged Rotterdam Groningen. "Both cities have much in common," says the director. "In Groningen, take the people have more leisure time to understand each other." When the party Liveable Rotterdam gaining ground Of Mastrigt thought it was time to go to a new place. "The loss of the Labour Party seats were charged me personally."

    The province was the former mayor never imagined. When she was polled she was excited for her current position. "My portfolio is quite interesting, a combination of energy, youth and economy." Google, IBM and Siemens came to Groningen. "There continue to be held incognito interviews with big names. Groningen has the unique selling points, we have space for example, trained personnel and water for cooling. That could be interesting for data centers."

    But Groningen has also been heavy. "With the bankruptcy of Aldel particular that's incredibly hard arrived in the region. We have done everything, but could not prop up the company. An upcoming relaunch now offers hope. "Mastrigt hopes for another term, but the Labour Party for its part anyway remains. "We want more R&D settle in Groningen and clusters of knowledge built by the University of Groningen, the university and UMC."

    Website: www.provinciegroningen.nl

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