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Puur Noord | Episode 102 | Sietse van der Hoek, Ineke Noordhoff and Flip Ekkers

    Puur Noord

    Episode 102: Sietse van der Hoek, Ineke Noordhoff and Flip Ekkers

    First aired: Wednesday, 9 March 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode Annette Timmer talks with Sietse van der Hoek about his book Alles klar, with Ineke Noordhoff about the godwit and with Flip Ekkers about Martin Tissing.

    Sietse van der Hoek is a journalist and writer. He was born in Doezum, a rural village in the Westerkwartier, so close to the Frisian border that it almost no longer can be called Groningen. He worked twenty years for 'de Volkskrant' and has numerous books to his name. All his life he was fascinated by Germany, its history and things made in Germany. Long before the city 'booming' was Van der Hoek had been living in Berlin. In "Alles klar, Nederland-Duitsland van A tot Z", he gives various examples of the 'verduitsing' of our country. His book fits perfectly with the theme of the Book Week in 2016, 12 t/m 20 March, that focuses on our large eastern neighbor.

    Website: www.uitgeverijbalans.nl, www.boekenweek.nl
    Facebook: Sietse van der Hoek

    Ineke Noordhoff is a journalist, economist and historian landscape. In 2013 she graduated with honors from the University of Groningen in the thesis' Grazing in drifting dunes "on the use of the Terschelling dunes. Previously appeared include "Nature Makers, recaptured country Rottum to Grensmaas '(2011) and Landscape Biography of the Drentsche Aa' (2015), of which she is editor and co-author. As fixed monthly guest this time she puts the godwit in the spotlight recently elected by a large majority to National Bird. Most godwits soon return from their wintering in Africa and Southern Europe.

    Website: www.ophetland.eu, www.kingofthemeadows.eu

    Flip Ekkers is originally designer. Almost 30 years ago he founded Philip Elchers, a non-profit publishing house in Groningen, making special book publications in the field of arts, cultural history and literature. The publishing house has been disconnected from the power of numbers and popularity, but still knows how to survive in the digital violence today. This week appears 'Martin Tissing, self-portrait as a dreamer' to mark the 80th anniversary of the artist. Thursday, March 10 a.s. Flip Ekkers give a lecture in GRID, Graphic Museum Groningen, about where art and gather printed matter.

    Website: www.philipelchers.nl, www.bijvrijdag.nl

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