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Puur Noord | Episode 103 | Jan de Boer, Henk Jongsma and Johnny Hemmen

    Puur Noord

    Episode 103: Jan de Boer, Henk Jongsma and Johnny Hemmen

    First aired: Thursday, 10 March 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Today in Puur Noord, Jan de Boer tells us all about the Stargazing Days, Henk Jongsma sits down at the table to talk about an alleged primordial oak in Appelscha and Johnny Hemmen is the winner of the Gouden Gehaktbal (golden meatball).

    Stargazing Days
    The national Stargazing Days 2016 will take place from March 11 till 13. As usual, we chose the last weekend in Spring when it's still Winter time (GMT +1) and the moon is close to its First Quarter. Everyone is welcome to look through the telescopes at most of the public observatories, Royal Netherlands Association for Meteorology and Astronomy departments and some private observatories. The eye catchers of the evening will be: the moon, just a few days before the First Quarter; Jupiter, the giant planet with four of its moons; the constellation Orion with its nebulas and the Pleiades or Seven Sisters, a young star cluster.

    Website: www.sterrenkunde.nl/knvws

    The disappeared Oak of Appelscha
    You may think it's a thrilling book title. “The disappeared Oak of Appelscha”. According to an old legend a huge oak is hidden under the highest dune of the Frysian mainland. Surprisingly, the legend seems to be true. During investigations related to a building scheme the oak was discovered. The branches that were sticking out, were nominated to get chopped down. Now that there seems to be a 30 meters tall oak beneath the dune, no one will mention woodchopping again.

    Website: www.hvappelscha.nl

    The Gouden Gehaktbal (the golden meatball)
    Johnny Hemmen of butcher's shop Hemmen in Onstwedde has won the 'Gouden gehaktbal' of soccer team FC Groningen. FC Groningen has host a few youth clinics in Onstwedde. Traditionally, the players and crew of the team are treated on meatballs. The meatballs of butcher's shop Hemmen were chosen to be the most delicious. The judge praised the shape, the consistency, the amount of fat, the taste and the seasoning. Hemmen has been the meatball supplier for Onstwedder Boys for years and is very pleased with this prize. Puur Noord wants to know the secret of this meatball.

    Website: www.slagerijhemmen.nl
    Facebook: Slagerij Hemmen
    Twitter: @speklappie

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