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Puur Noord | Episode 104 | Anne Oosterhaven, Shyra Hueting and Paul Munting

    Puur Noord

    Episode 104: Anne Oosterhaven, Shyra Hueting and Paul Munting

    First aired: Friday, 11 March 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Today in Puur Noord the Bogerman Bigband excists 30 years, living editor Shyra Hueting talks about the fair Wonen&Co and Paul Munting is playing some songs.

    Bogerman Bigband
    The school orchestra Bogerman BigBand from Sneek is celebrating 30 years of excistence. Every year Anne Oosterhaven and Bob Pruiksma provide for a group of musicians who can bring the swinging reputation of the Bogerman Bigband and reinforce themselves. All pupils of the school are faced with different styles of Bigband music, including swing, rock and funk. The Bigband uses a full set of instruments and sound equipment, purchased by the school for the Bigband. Anne Oosterhaven teaches music at the school and is musical director of the Bigband. Bob Pruiksma teaches mathematics and is bass player in the Bigband.

    Website: www.bigband.bogermanmuziek.nl
    Facebook: Bogerman Bigband

    Woonbeurs (Furniture fair) in MartiniPlaza
    Wonen&Co has only one tip: Get out of your room! The theme of the exhibition which will be held Thursday 17th till Sunday 20th March. Annually, more than 45,000 people open the doors of MartiniPlaza. This year they are treated for a hotbed of residential talents, shocking a lot of information about earthquakes, the home of artists Wonen&Co, a dose of food experience and very much living inspiration. Spring is the season to fall in love with your house. It is indeed time for the new spring collections. Even nature is literally brought home in 2016. The botanical living trend mixed with jungle influences is hip and the powder and skin color is reflected in the Dutch homes. Home Editor Shyra Hueting tells about the experience at the woonbeurs (furniture fair) in the talkshow Puur Noord.

    Website: www.wonenenco.nl
    Facebook: Wonen&Co

    Paul Munting
    Paul Munting and the Fiddlesticks are playing and singing a mix of American and Irish folk music, but also songs in Groninger language. Munting makes and sings songs that he made himself in Hogelands. He also uses Groninger poems as text. The band isn't perfomrming at the moment. Singing and playing is more like a hobby. Paul Munting lets us know that he is still there.

    Facebook: Paul Munting

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