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SPORT | Episode 122 | Soccer, handball, volleyball and Road to Rio


    Episode 122: Soccer, handball, volleyball and Road to Rio

    First aired: Monday, 14 March 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of SPORT summaries of Be Quick 1887 - Alcides and HZVV - VV Staphorst. Furthermore, the handball derby between E&O and Hurry-Up. Also volleyball: Donitas - Taurus, the ice speedway in Assen and Road to Rio: a portrait of the talented swimmer Marrit Steenbergen.

    Soccer: Be Quick 1887 – Alcides
    In Sunday's Hoofdklasse Be Quick 1887 from Haren is having a good season. The team of coach Mischa Visser won the second period and is still fighting for the title. Alcides from Meppel has a difficult season. The team is thirteenth in the league and must fight to avoid relegation.

    Website: www.bequick1887.nl, www.alcides.nl
    Facebook: Be Quick 1887, Alcides
    Twitter: @bq1887, @AlcidesMvv

    Soccer: HZVV - VV Staphorst
    In Saturday's Hoofdklasse HZVV isn't doing that well the last couple of weeks. The team from Hoogeveen has lost last five matches and is now twelfth in the league. VV Staphorst has a good season. The team is still in the running for the second place.

    Website: www.hzvv.nl, www.vvstaphorst.nl
    Facebook: HZVV, VV Staphorst
    Twitter: @HZVV, @vvStaphorst

    Handball: E&O - Hurry Up
    The handball derby between E&O from Emmen and Hurry-Up from Zwartemeer will always be special game. This season both teams managed to place themselves for the championship pool. E&O and Hurry-Up want to finish in the top six in this pool, to be able to get promoted to the Bene League.

    Website: www.eenohandbal.nl, www.hurry-up.nl
    Facebook: E&O Handbal, hvHurryUp
    Twitter: @EenOhandbal, @hvHurryUp

    Volleyball: Donitas – Taurus
    Donitas is fighting against relegation. The team from Groningen should finish first or second in a pool of three teams. Donitas played two games so far, of which they won one. Taurus did win both games and is the frontrunner in this group.

    Website: www.donitas.nl
    Facebook: Donitas

    Motorsports: Ice speedway in Assen
    Every year in March the World Championship ice speedway is held in Assen. In that same weekend the Roelof Thijs Cup is on the schedule as well. This is an international race where many regional and talented drivers will start. The ice speedway in Assen guarantees exciting heats.

    Website: www.ijsspeedway-assen.nl
    Facebook: IJsspeedway

    Road to Rio: Marrit Steenbergen
    Marrit Steenbergen from Oosterwolde is only sixteen years old, but she is one of the best Dutch swimmers already. This summer she will undoubtedly go to the Olympics in Rio for the relay. In order to compete in the individual races, she first has to swim the limits for the 50 and 100 meter freestyle. We met up with Marrit Steenbergen at the swimming pool in Drachten and talked about her ambitions. In addition, we followed her during a clinic she gave to some young swimmers.

    Facebook: Marrit Steenbergen
    Twitter: @Marrit
    Instagram: @Marritsteenbergen

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