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Puur Noord | Episode 106 | Hoite Pruiksma, Joep van Ruiten and Geeske de Vries

    Puur Noord

    Episode 106: Hoite Pruiksma, Joep van Ruiten and Geeske de Vries

    First aired: Wednesday, 16 March 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode Annette Timmer talks with Hoite Pruiksma about 'the Johannes Passion, Joep van Ruiten about new books and Geeske de Vries about exhibition 'Kunst op Schaal'.

    Hoite Pruiksma is conductor, organizer, composer and artistic director of the Nederlandse Bach Academie. Under his musical direction the choir and orchestra perform the NBA 'JP Small', a short version of Bachs Johannes Passion, expanded by dramatic and theatrical elements. The contemporary story about senseless violence is portrayed by six actors and two dancers. Furthermore, students of the ROC Friesland and the Pedagogische Academie Meppel works there. The musical theater will be played on March 18 in Leeuwarden, March 19 in Emmen, March 20 in Drachten and March 22 in Meppel.

    Website: www.nederlandsebachacademie.nl

    Monthly Guest Joep van Ruiten is a cultural journalist and lives in Emmen. He's an editor at Dagblad van het Noorden/Leeuwarder Courant and he's also founder of the culture site Woest en Ledig. This time he discusses 'The Love Machine', the fifth novel by Wouter Godijn from Groningen and the biography 'Henk van Os, van kunst naar cultuur'.

    Website: www.woestenledig.nl

    Geeske de Vries is the owner of De Oranjerie, a furniture shop annex coffee- and tearoom in Zeijen. She sells a wide range of gift items, curios and home accessories. 'Kunst op Schaal' is for the 30th consecutive time until Saturday, March 26th. Around 55 artists exhibit their etched, scratched, machined, drilled and decorated eggs. There are daily demonstrations editing of eggs and chocolatier Bob van Rhijn is present March 19 and 20.

    Website: www.de-oranjerie.nl

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