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Puur Noord | Episode 107 | Greet Westenbrink, Nicolette Veldhoen, Roelof Risselada and Max Tuik

    Puur Noord

    Episode 107: Greet Westenbrink, Nicolette Veldhoen, Roelof Risselada and Max Tuik

    First aired: Thursday, 17 March 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Today in Puur Noord: Capt'n Pancake comes along in response to national pancake day, Addicts Northern Netherlands talks about the increase in alcohol consumption among older people and drawing and painting gives pleasure.

    Painting and drawing
    It is more fun and more fun if you do it with others. Is it possible at the Drawing and Painting Group in Roden (T.S.R.). This association has over 200 members. The members come not only from Roden; so, more than half of the members are from other cities in Drenthe, Groningen and Friesland. All teachers are professional artists with much experience. The courses are also open to non-members. For beginners and starters there is at least 1 time per year a separate course with drawing lessons and painting classes, especially for non-members.

    Website: www.tekenenschildergroeproden.nl

    Alcohol abuse among elderly
    Not only among the young are often problems with excessive drinking. Investigation has shown that especially among the elderly there are major problems because they drink too much alcohol. Verslavingszorg Noord-Nederland has seen that the number of people raised of excessively drinking at the aged over 55.

    Website: www.vnn.nl
    Facebook: VNN
    Twitter: @Verslavingszorg

    Pancake day
    Friday March 18th is the National Pancake Day. Also at Puur Noord we do not let this day go by. Captain Max Tuik (Capt'n Pancake) of 't Pannekoekenschip Leeuwarden talks about the mysteries surrounding the pancake, because there is much more to a pancake than we think. Nowadays even in the galley responsibly products are being made so people with gluten and allergy problems for cereal can safely enjoy the pancake.

    Website: www.pannekoekschipleeuwarden.nl
    Facebook: 't Pannekoekschip Leeuwarden

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