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Muziek uit het Noorden | Episode 111 | Golden oldies

In this episode we go back in time with videoclips from the old days, the 'golden oldies'.

Muziek uit het Noorden

Episode 111: Golden oldies

First aired: Saturday, 19 March 2016 at 17.20 hours

In this episode we go back in time with videoclips from the old days, the 'golden oldies'.

Herman Brood – Saturday Night (from Groningen)
Dutch rock icon Herman Brood has always been a wayward person, as a child he prioritised piano over school. He devoted his life to the arts, music and painting, which made him famous. If anyone prachticed the credo 'sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll, it's him. After a turbulent life Brood committed suicide at the age of 54, but he will be remembered for a very long time.

Website: www.hermanbrood.nl
Facebook: Herman Brood

Splitsing – Wind en Zeilen (from Groningen)
In 1985 the band Splitsing from Groningen scored a hit with the track 'Wind en Zeilen' (wind and sails). During that era Dutch popmusic was booming, but even so Splitsing managed to distinguise themselves with their original summer track. The band released two other songs, however not as successfull as Wind en Zeilen, and quit in 1988. A few years later, band members Peter Groot Kormelink (vocals) and Herman Grimme (keyboard) did achieve success with their new formation 'Jazzpolitie' (jazz police).

De Kast – In Nije Dei (from Friesland)
This band from Friesland started as an English-singing band and took on many names in the beginning. Eventually they settled on 'de Kast' and sang songs in Dutch and Frysian. They wrote 'In Nije Dei' (a new day), the iconic soundtrack to the Frysian film 'De Gouden Swipe', which became a huge hit. Especially the nineties were prosperous for the men, though the band is still active. Last year they celebrated their 25th anniversary with a new album and additional tour in the Netherlands.

Website: www.dekast.nl
Facebook: DeKastMusic
Twitter: @DeKastMusic

Is Ook Schitterend – Voltooid Verleden Tijd (from Groningen)
In 1996 leadsinger Joost Marsman established the band IsOokSchitterend, together with friends of his fraternity. Soon all of the Netherlands knew their name, when they scored a hit with their single 'Voltooid verleden tijd' (Past Perfect). In the following years, the band released successful and less successful songs. In 2003 they made a restart, switched from record label and management, and rose in popularity again with singles like 'Altijd Wel Iemand' (always someone) and 'Hoe Het Voelt' (how it feels). In 2009 the band put a stop to their musical activities.

Website: www.ios.nl

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