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Puur Noord | Aflevering 111 | Lotte Koolhof & Dini Holtrop

    Puur Noord

    Aflevering 111: Lotte Koolhof & Dini Holtrop

    First aired: Thursday, 24 March 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Vandaag in Puur Noord zetten we de bloemetjes buiten met Dini Holtrop en Lotte Koolhof.

    Foundation Welzijn de Wolden
    Lotte Koolhof is youth coach at the foundation Welzijn de Wolden. She and others created a youth meeting place for young people with disabilities. They were proposed by the Oranjefonds for the Kroonappel in 2013. But how is it with the foundation?

    Website: www.welzijndewolden.nl
    Facebook: Welzijn de Wolden
    Twitter: @WelzijnDeWolden

    Flower arrangements
    Dini Holtrop is crazy about flowers. Not only in her own business but she continues her work elsewhere. Next week she goes to Italy for the European Championships of flower arrangements. At the table she will tell us more about it and Dini will give a workshop of how to get a nice peace at home just before Easter.

    Website: www.He-aS.nl
    Facebook: Dini Holtrop, He-aS

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