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SoundCHECK! | Episode 20 | Rapalje


    Episode 20: Rapalje

    First aired: Thursday, 24 March 2016 at 17.32 hours

    A special Celtic Folk Night in SoundCHECK!

    Podium.TV arrived on location where four men are giving a great show tonight.  This time no pop, but Irish and Scottish Celtic Folk Music.
    Rapalje is a Dutch band, consisting of Dieb, William, Maceál and David, and they play Irish, Scottish and Dutch folk music. Even the lyrics of the music is in Dutch and English. Through sensitive ballads, fiery songs and spirited Celtic melodies Rapalje sparks the enthusiasm of the audience. A concert of Rapalje is like a journey through time with recognizable debauchery and raw lifestyle. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in Germany and Belgium Rapalje is very popular. After 12 CDs they celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2015. Podium.TV follows Rapalje at their performance of Celtic Folk Night. A special evening where presenter Douwe Kool learns how to play bagpipes.

    Website: www.rapalje.com
    Facebook: Rapalje
    Twitter: @rapaljemusic
    Instagram: Rapalje

    About this program:

    SoundCHECK! is een muziekprogramma op Podium.TV waarin een bezoekje wordt gebracht aan de meest uiteenlopende muzikanten uit Noord-Nederland.

    Tip de redactie wanneer jij een leuke band uit Noord Nederland kent waar je meer van zou willen weten!