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Puur Noord | Episode 112 | Nienke Leenman, Ilse van Haasen Nuesink and Anne van Slageren.

    Puur Noord

    Episode 112: Nienke Leenman, Ilse van Haasen Nuesink and Anne van Slageren.

    First aired: Friday, 25 March 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In Puur Noord a seldom broadcast about art, rolling with a wheelchair across the Pieterpad and pool stories.

    Zeldzaam Mooi
    Ilse van Haasen Nuesink is co-organizer of the Zeldzaam Mooi market. In these markets the art and proprietary products of creative entrepreneurs are being sold. You can visit these markets throughout the summer in the north.

    Website: www.zeldzaammooievents.com
    Facebook: Zeldzaam Mooi

    Theaterproject Zwembadverhalen
    Anne van Slageren is originated an historian but is also a filmmaker. A few years back he had an idea to bring the history to the young people through a theater project. The project Zwembadverhalen in the old swimming pool in Haren is going to happen now. From the Zernike College students are participating and they will tell their pool stories at the table.

    Website: www.zwembadverhalen.nl
    Facebook: Zwembadverhalen

    Het Pieterpad
    Nienke Leenman sits in a wheelchair and has a self trained assistance dog for the things she just can not do herself. Now she decided to walk the Pieterpad with her dog. A journey of 500 kilometers. With this trip she wants to raise money to train assistance dogs.

    Facebook: Regido

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