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SPORT | Episode 124 | Soccer, korfball, hockey and volleyball


    Episode 124: Soccer, korfball, hockey and volleyball

    First aired: Tuesday, 29 March 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of SPORT: a summary of the soccer game VV Staphorst - Urk, two handball matches: E&O - Aalsmeer and Hurry Up - LIONS. Furthermore, volleyball: Lycurgus - Dynamo; a report of the World Cup korfball under 19 in Leeuwarden and a report of Drachtster Boys, who will play the cup final futsal in Amsterdam.

    Soccer: VV Staphorst – Urk
    In Saturday's Hoofdklasse VV Staphorst did a good job by beating Excelsior '31 last weekend. VV Staphorst is in the second place in the league. That's an important spot, because the number two of the league will play for promotion to the Third Division. If VV Staphorst beats Urk, the gap between them and the number one Harkemase Boys will be reduced to 7 points.

    Website: www.vvstaphorst.nl
    Facebook: VV Staphorst
    Twitter: @vvStaphorst

    Handball: Hurry Up – LIONS
    In the Handball championship pool Hurry-Up wants to finish in the top six. That way the team from Zwartemeer will be promoted to the BENE-League. Hurry-Up is currently third in the league, opponent LIONS is the frontrunner in this pool.

    Website: www.hurry-up.nl
    Facebook: hvHurryUp
    Twitter: @hvHurryUp

    Handball: E&O – Aalsmeer
    Just like Hurry-Up, E&O would like to promote to the BENE-League. But the team from Emmen is currently the number seven in the league. E&O must finish in the top six to enforce promotion. With a victory at home against Aalsmeer, the team of coach Edwin Kippers will climb at least one spot in the ranking.

    Website: www.eenohandbal.nl
    Facebook: E&O Handbal
    Twitter: @EenOhandbal

    Volleyball: Lycurgus – Dynamo
    This season Lycurgus won the Supercup and the National Cup. But the biggest goal of the team from Groningen is to win the Championship. Last year Lycurgus lost in the finals against Zwolle. This season Lycurgus has to beat Dynamo from Apeldoorn first in the semifinals.

    Website: www.lycurgus.nl
    Facebook: Abiant Volleybal
    Twitter: @lycurgus_volley

    Korfball: Reportage WK korfbal onder 19
    The 21st edition of the U19 Korfball World Cup will be held in Leeuwarden. The tournament is also the unofficial World Cup Korfball for national teams under 19 years. A record number of 15 countries will participate in this year's tournament. The Netherlands is the defending champion. Last year the team won the final against Belgium.

    Website: www.u19kwc.com
    Facebook: U19 Korfball World Cup
    Twitter: @u19KWC

    Futsal: cup final Drachtster Boys woman
    Drachtster Boys is qualified for the cup final. In the semifinal the team from Drachten won against New Roden. The final will be played in Amsterdam. Drachtster Boys will play against Os Lusitanos. A bus full of fans is travelling to Amsterdam to support the ladies.

    Website: www.drachtsterboys.nl
    Facebook: DrachtsterBoysVr1
    Twitter: @DFTa1

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