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N Channel | Episode 37 | Robert van Voorst

    N Channel

    Episode 37: Robert van Voorst

    First aired: Tuesday, 29 March 2016 at 18.00 hours

    Robert van Voorst is manager of the Frisian engineering Titan Projects. "We think of plants for making such as salt crystals and machines to peel potatoes."

    He comes from Nijmegen, but traveled before graduating on to Friesland. "I was working on a project to build a salt factory. I started as a project, but eventually they wanted me to stay as president." But it was a difficult market and the company went bankrupt. "That was drastic. But I remain calm in these situations. It has shaped me though, you should always have a good feeling about your finances." Van Voorst decided to continue with some good people in the business. "There grew a team that wanted to start their own." Titan Projects is active in many countries, including Canada, the US and Jordan. "In Jordan, I havn't see an office, but met the family of my client." In Japan Van Voorst is active. "A Japanese does not happen overnight. Negotiate go to places."

    And while the company grew quickly, Van Voorst got cancer. "My wife kicked me after a long time from symptoms to the doctor. I was not ready and my business either." Van Voorst wanted to get back to work. "Easy to chemotherapy through it. I think that's my mentality athletes." "If you're fighting for your life you as an athlete to set goals," the former judoka says. "I have, for example, ensured that I kept on weight. Left as it could deliver a pizza delivery in the night."

    Website: www.titanprojects.nl
    Twitter: @titanrobert

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