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Puur Noord | Episode 114 | Lies van der Wiel, Els van der Wijden and Wilma Reinhart

    Puur Noord

    Episode 114: Lies van der Wiel, Els van der Wijden and Wilma Reinhart

    First aired: Thursday, 31 March 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Today in Puur Noord; how to dance without glasses, become a blood donor and take a look in the glass houses.

    Dancing without glasses
    Lies van der Wiel is theater director and together with seven young people she makes a theater show "Dansen zonder bril." A special project where mime, dance and music play a big role. For people who wear glasses, everything is easy. If you wear glasses you live in two different worlds. Without glasses, the world has no more sharp edges, it becomes soft and fuzzy. With glasses it gets all usual toughness and sharpness back and you see the world as it is. You dance without glasses, but are you so lucky to escape from reality? If nobody would cherish their dreams there would be no more dancing.

    Website: www.denoorderlingen.nl

    Els van der Wijden has been working at the blood bank Sanquin. Blood and plasma can save lives but also the raw material of many medications. Every year, thousands of new donors are needed in order to produce new medicine.

    Website: www.sanquin.nl
    Facebook: Sanquin
    Twitter: @sanquin

    Kom in de Kas
    Wilma Reinhart is coordinator of Kom in de Kas in Groningen. In several places around the country glasshouse growers put the doors wide open to show how their peppers, tomatoes and other vegetables are grown. This weekend many greenhouses are open in Groningen.

    Website: www.komindekasgroningen.nl
    Facebook: Kom in de Kas Groningen

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