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Puur Noord | Episode 115 | Alve van den Bremen, Gerrit Barbé and Maik Reuvers

    Puur Noord

    Episode 115: Alve van den Bremen, Gerrit Barbé and Maik Reuvers

    First aired: Friday, 1 April 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Let's start a fire as a new source of inspiration, a poet from Meppel comes to visit and party at the Pitfest in Erica.

    Let's start a fire
    Alve van den Bremen is one of the organizers of the "Let's start a fire" festival. It must be a source of inspiration for people just that little push need in their creative thinking and doing. The name "Let's Start a Fire 'is a metaphor for the festival. Fire, in this context, means finding happiness, passion and willpower within yourself. It all starts with a little bit of inspiration, creating a small, fragile flame.

    Website: www.joyofworking.nl

    Stadsdichter Meppel
    Gerrit Barbé is a poet of Meppel. He has just launched a brand new website and will soon publish a book of poetry called Zwart Licht. With the website and the bundle he wants to acquire eternal fame.

    Website: www.gerritbarbe.nl
    Facebook: Gerrit Barbé

    Maik Reuvers is currently busy with the final stretch of the organization Pitfest in Erica. Seventeen years ago they have been organized concerts in the Punkhol. This weekend a revival of these concerts of punk, hardcore and metal music.

    Website: www.pitfest.nl
    Facebook: PitFest
    Twitter: @PitFest
    Youtube: PitFest
    Instagram: pitfest_nl

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