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Muziek uit het Noorden | Episode 114 | Music from the North

This week Podium.TV brings you another portion of musical talents from the North. In this episode:

Muziek uit het Noorden

Episode 114: Music from the North

First aired: Saturday, 2 April 2016 at 17.00 hours

This week Podium.TV brings you another portion of musical talents from the North. In this episode:

Lars Koehoorn – Still Waters Run Deep (from Groningen)
Only seventeen years old, but Lars Koehoorn can't complain about his musical success so far. This singer-songwriter from Groningen has been a guest at Radio 538 due to his first single and has had air-play on several other radio stations. He even got the chance to perform in the UK. Lars writes his own songs, but doesn't mind playing covers on his shows either. In the pop scene Lars Koehoorn is definitely an upcoming talent with many more highlights ahead of him.

Website: www.larskoehoorn.com
Facebook: Lars Koehoorn
Twitter: @LarsKoehoorn

Sandra van Nieuwland – Breaking New Ground (from Groningen)
Sandra van Nieuwland managed to steal many Dutch hearts with her sultry, but confident voice, when she participated in The Voice of Holland in 2012. However, that wasn't her first musical accomplishment. Seven years before that, she graduated in music sciences in Groningen, sang in several bands and took part in talentshows. The Voice brought her national fame, after that van Nieuwland scored multiple hit songs and won several prices.

Website: www.sandravannieuwland.nl
Facebook: Sandra van Nieuwland
Twitter: @svnieuwland

Gaatze Bosma – De laatste (from Friesland)
As a little boy, Gaatze used to practice in the storage room of his mother's clothing store. During runway shows in the store he filled the breaks with his performances. His impersonations of Dutch comedian André van Duin made him an entertainer by heart at a very young age. Gaatze also started taking on acting, when he portrayed Elvis Presley in the play of the local drama club. In 2015 he stood out during his striking audition for 'Bloed, Zweed & Tranen'. This brought him national fame and multiple bookings throughout the country.

Website: www.gaatze.nl

Anne-Lie Persson – Mourning My Birthday (from Groningen)
Anne-Lie Persson, originally from Sweden, has her name on many musical projects so far. In 1992 she moved to the Netherlands to study at the Prins Claus Conservatory, in addition she played in several bands and after her graduation she performed in many big shows. Nowadays she teaches singing, coaches choires and works on her own music productions. Anne-Lie's songs are inspired by her own personal experiences, while her Swedish roots shine through as well.

Website: www.anne-lie.com
Facebook: Anne-Lie Persson
Twitter: @Anneliezang

Jannes – O, m'n liefste (from Drenthe)
He is known as “King of the Pirates”. Thirteen CD's in fourteen years time prove Jannes hasn't been quiet throughout his musical career. Even though he applied different kind of styles in his songs, the unmistakeable 'Jannes sound' has always been present. Ranging from happy sing-a-longs to emotional ballads. Jannes sold over 500.000 CD's and won several prices, however he still remains a 'down-to-earth' man from Drenthe.

Website: www.jannesonline.nl
Facebook: Jannes
Twitter: @Jannesonline

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