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SPORT | Episode 125 | Soccer, basketball and water polo


    Episode 125: Soccer, basketball and water polo

    First aired: Monday, 4 April 2016 at 17.00 hours

    In this episode of SPORT: summaries of ONS Sneek - Kozakken Boys, Genemuiden - Harkemase Boys and Be Quick 1887 - Hollandia. Also, the basketball match between Donar and Den Bosch. Furthermore, a report on water polo in the Northern Netherlands and our monthly overview of March.

    Soccer: ONS Sneek - Kozakken Boys
    In the Topklasse Saturday ONS Sneek is on the 14th place. Opponent Kozakken Boys is still fighting to become champion, the team from Brabant is second in the league. In total six teams are fighting for the championship. Everyone can beat anyone in the league, so there's no reason to think ONS would lose from Kozakken Boys.

    Website: www.onssneek.nl
    Facebook: ONS Sneek
    Twitter: @ONSSneek

    Soccer: Genemuiden - Harkemase Boys
    The title in Saturday's Hoofdklasse is getting closer for Harkemase Boys. The team from coach Jan Vlap is seven points ahead of number two Staphorst. SC Genemuiden is not doing too well this season. Last year, Genemuiden played in the Topklasse. Now they are in the 9th position in the Hoofdklasse.

    Website: www.harkemaseboys.nl[br Facebook: Harkemase Boys
    Twitter: @HarkemaseBoys

    Soccer: Be Quick 1887 – Hollandia
    In Sunday's Hoofdklasse, Be Quick 1887 is still fighting to be champion. The team of coach Mischa Visser is four points behind frontrunner Juliana '31. Be Quick has to beat Hollandia, in order to keep fighting for the championship. Hollandia is at the 7th rank in the league.

    Website: www.bequick1887.nl
    Facebook: Be Quick 1887
    Twitter: @bq1887

    Basketball: Donar - Den Bosch
    Donar is guarenteed to participate in the play-offs. If the team finishes first or second in the regular league, it may skip the first round. Den Bosch is last year's champion and won the National Cup a week ago, which makes it a serious opponent for Donar.

    Website: www.donar.nl
    Facebook: Donar
    Twitter: @Donar_Official

    Water polo: documentary Water polo in Northern Netherlands
    SGHA (a fusion between Avéna and HZ& PC) from Heerenveen is playing in the first division. On Saturday, the first women and men's team played an important home match.

    Website: www.sgha.nl
    Twitter: @WaterpoloSGHA

    Monthly overview: March
    It's April already, which means March has gone by quickly. A month where all sorts of things happened in the world of sports. In our monthly overview all the highlights of March.

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