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SoundCHECK! | Episode 22 | De Koffer


    Episode 22: De Koffer

    First aired: Thursday, 7 April 2016 at 17.32 hours

    SoundCHECK pops the trunk with a cover band.

    De Koffer began with a group of friends. These friends started as a three piece band called JAH. When they decided to broaden their repertoire, a bass player and drummer were added to the band. Thus the band was formed in September 2008. The band members each have built up a broad musical experience in the past few years.

    De Koffer participated in the Oerrock Play-Offs. Every year cover bands compete against each other to play at Oerrock Festival and this year de Koffer won the Play-Offs. Early May they'll perform at the festival along with Kensington, Racoon and Chef 'Special.

    In SoundCHECK we visit de Koffer in the Musykfabryk. A rehearsal room where many bands rehearse. Douwe Kool gets a tour and finds out why de Koffer is so successful.

    Website: www.dekofferband.com
    Facebook: De Koffer

    About this program:

    SoundCHECK! is een muziekprogramma op Podium.TV waarin een bezoekje wordt gebracht aan de meest uiteenlopende muzikanten uit Noord-Nederland.

    Tip de redactie wanneer jij een leuke band uit Noord Nederland kent waar je meer van zou willen weten!