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Puur Noord | Episode 118 | Diana Viet, Sanne Roffel and Reggie Hendriquez

    Puur Noord

    Episode 118: Diana Viet, Sanne Roffel and Reggie Hendriquez

    First aired: Friday, 8 April 2016 at 17.00 hours

    Today Puur Noord is about the Beauty Awards, the Miss Beauty pagiants and Miss Catwalk.

    Beauty Awards
    Diana Viet has a beauty salon in Hoogezand. Recently, she has won a few prizes at the annual Beauty Awards. She has made a performance which previously was not been done before. She won the jury award as well as the audience award.

    Website: www.dianaviet.com
    Facebook: Schoonheidssalon Diana Viet

    Miss Beauty of the Netherlands
    Sanne Roffel is in the organization of Miss Beauty and Miss Teen election in the Netherlands. Recently the northern elections have been and the finalists are being announced. In September are the national finals. For the catwalk the ladies are trained by Reggie Hendriquez. He can do something where many women only dream about. He walks on heels of more than 12 centimeters with a smooth ease.

    Website: www.missbeautynetherlands.com
    Facebook: Miss Beauty of the Netherlands

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